cosySec-2When MINI USA announces order allocations for a new model, they usually provides Motoring Advisors with detailed information pertaining to the technical and pricing specificities of said model. This information serves as an ordering guide for dealers, but it also helps them better understand what the price range of the new car will be given different levels of configuration. Thanks to one of our sources, MotoringFile managed to get their hands on this documentation for the upcoming F56 John Cooper Works. Since the JCW was unveiled back in January, we’ve received countless requests for more information on pricing. Until now, the only thing we knew for certain was the base price of **$30,600**, but today we have exact pricing for a number of options and packages. With that in mind, it’s time to start your favorite spreadsheet app!

##Standard Equipment and Exclusive Features
As a reminder, the F56 John Cooper Works boasts a turbocharged 2.0 liter 4-cylinder engine that cranks out 228 hp with 236 ft-lbs of torque. It goes from 0 to 60 in 5.9 sec with an automatic transmission (6.1 sec with a manual transmission). The new JCW also carries all-new 4 piston brakes with red Brembo calipers up-front. On a closed course, MINI advertises a top speed of 153 mph.

Beyond performance engineering, buyers have always expressed their desire for more exclusivity when it comes to the JCW model, and with this new generation, it appears that MINI has granted their wish. As such, the following features will only be found in the F56 John Coopers Works:

– Chili Red Roof and Mirror Caps
– JCW 17″ Spoke Wheels
– JCW Rebel Green
– JCW Bonnet Stripes
– JCW Badging on the grill, boot lid and side scuttles (too many in many in our opinion)
– JCW Sport Seats
– Unique designs for the manual and automatic gearshift levers
– Signature JCW Checkered Flag graphics on the speedometer, tachometer, and center instruments
– Chili Red and Black remote fob

So, when combining some of the exclusive JCW features with the standard equipment from the F56 Cooper S, here is what you get for a stock **$30,600** John Cooper Works:

– Cooper S Standard Equipment
– LED Headlights
– JCW 17″ Spoke Wheels
– JCW Leather Steering Wheel
– JCW Sport Seats
– Rear Spoiler
– White Turn-Signal Lights
– Sport Suspension (or switch to standard suspension at no cost)
– JCW Aero Kit
– Headliner in Anthracite


If someone were to configure a sportily-equipped 3-door F56 Cooper S (i.e. adding the JCW Exterior Package, JCW Interior Package, LED Headlights, and JCW Brake Kit to the standard Cooper S equipment) it would cost them about **$29,750**. In comparison, a stock F56 JCW would cost them **$30,600** but they would get the Performance Tuning, the unique JCW Trim, and the JCW Sport Seats. Let’s be no honest, it is not cheap, but for an additional **$850** a standard JCW is definitely good value compared to a “JCW-equipped” Cooper S.

##Options and Packages
Given what we explained above, not all of the usual options or packages carry over from the F56 Cooper and Cooper S. Because the content of the Sport Package (ZSP) is already standard on the JCW, it is no longer an option for that model. As such, there is also no reason to offer the Fully Loaded Package (ZFL) for the JCW. However, the Wired Package (7L5) and the Premium Package (ZPP) that come with the Fully Loaded Package are still available for purchase.

##MotoringFile’s Configuration
cosySec-3Since the F56 Hardtop was announced, I’ve indicated many times that its JCW variant is one of my top choices for my next vehicle. Now that we know the details of the Ordering Guide, here is what my ideal configuration would approximately look like:

– Base Price ($30,600)
– Rebel Green ($1,000)
– Leather/Dinamica ($2,250)
– Wired Package ($1,750)
– Park Distance Control ($500)
– Wired Upgrade ($850)
– Harman/Kardon Sound System ($750)
– 18″ JCW Cup Spoke ($750)

The total for this configuration is **$38,450** without destination and handling. Many will argue that this is expensive for a MINI and I wouldn’t disagree with them. Then again, we are fan of the brand for its intangibles, not for how it is priced compared to its competitors.

Production begins in March for cars with the automatic transmission while production for cars with the manual transmission will begin a few months later. This is unexpected and MINI explains this delay by the fact that “Munich wants to make sure they got the manual transmission just right before letting it enter production”. We don’t want to sound pessimistic for lovers of the stick shift, but this might indicate how the BMW Group sees the role of the manual transmission moving forward. Dealerships already have allocations from the March and April production, so order bank cars can be built from May production onward.

If you can’t wait until MINI USA updates the configurator with the JCW, we suggest heading over to []( Clik on “Neuwagen” and then “Whalen Sie Ihren MINI” at the bottom-left of the menu. Click on the 3-door Hardtop picture and and toggle the switch to “Automatic”. The JCW F56 will become available as a configuration choice.