Or is the future already in your pocket in the form of your smartphone? Either way what you see here is the Android based key fob that BMW will introduce this fall for the BMW i8. However like most technology within the BMW Group, we expect this to make its way down the range of BMWs and even MINI in some form in the years ahead.

The key is made entirely of aluminum and glass and houses a 2.2″ LCS screen that displays charge levels, time on charge as well as the distance the vehicle can travel before recharging/fueling. Additionally it allows you to change a number of settings on the car as well as lock/unlock and raise/lower the windows.

It’s similar to BMW’s Remote app but rather than requiring a cellular connection, it uses the same radio signals that traditional keys use. The fob charges by being placed on the charging tray in the center console or via micro USB. Look for availability this fall for the i8 and potentially in the years ahead for future BMW and MINI models.