mini roadster

If you’re interested in a MINI Coupe and Roadster your last chance to order is coming up fast. More specifically we’ve been told that day will be approximately April 1st depending on your MINI dealer. Why should you order a Coupe or Roadster? Three reasons.

mini coupe

1. The easy answer is that they are the modern MINI ethos distilled down to its core with the lowest center of gravity of any MINI.
2. There may never be another MINI Roadster (despite us all voicing our love for the Superleggera) and there will surely never be another coupe.
3. We’ve driven and owned a number of MINIs over the years. And nothing has captured our hearts like our 2012 MINI Roadster. And the Coupe wasn’t far behind after spending a week with a Black and Red JCW a couple years back.

MINI roadster