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Friend of MotoringFile and [White Roof Radio](http://www.whiteroofradio.com) co-host [Todd Pearson](http://www.motoringstripes.com) is possibly on the hunt for a new MINI. It took some time to get him there as he was originally seduced by the dark side, and the idea of owning a Range Rover Evoque. While he is coming to his senses, there’s still great hesitation in him in regards to the car or MINI he should buy next. Bear in mind that he owns a GP1 – a car he will most likely keep whatever happens – and that his better-half drives a 2014 F56 Cooper. To help our friend make up his mind, we’ve decided to crowdsource to the MotoringFile audience his choice of vehicle and options (e.g. Todd wonders if H/K is a must). Not that he will strictly follow the final results of this poll, but we believe it is still a fun exercise to go through. With that in mind, let’s get him into the right car!