MOT_videoRegistration for 2015 MINIs On Top opened this week. Today, videographer Dave Habeeb has posted a terrific teaser video featuring highlights from last year’s gathering.

You may have seen our coverage from MINIs on Top 2014 here. Registration for this year’s MINIs On Top (MOT) opened earlier this week and much to the surprise and delight of last year’s attendees, a comprehensive video chronicling MINIs On Top 2014 was posted to YouTube today.

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 9.33.15 PM

The video was shot throughout the event and covers the preparationĀ weeks in advance, all the way through the epic driveĀ up Mt. Washington. ItĀ also serves as tribute to Ed “MaxaMini” Smith who, as stated in our previous coverage of the event, is honored at MINIs On TopĀ each year with the distribution of rubber ducks.

Videographer Dave Habeeb went to great lengths to interview participantsĀ and organizers. At the summit of Mt. Washington, Dave braved extreme cold and wind for hours to get the right footage; heĀ even used photos and music from participants (including yours truly) as part of the production. Reaction to posting of the video on the MINIs On Top Facebook has been swift and positive.

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 9.35.12 PM

Whether or not you’veĀ attended MINIs On Top, this new video really captures the spirit, people and carsĀ of MINIs On Top better than the collections of photos that usually emerge afterward. Have a look.

You can view the video hereĀ or click the video image below.

You can register for MINIs On Top 2015 here.Ā MINIs On Top 2015Ā takes placeĀ Friday, June 19 – Saturday, June 20, 2015 near Mt. Washington in New Hampshire.