A few weeks ago a couple of our typical sources independently told us to expect the MINI Convertible to debut early this spring. Somehow what was lost in translation (almost literally) was what year. We now know that the MINI Convertible (Cooper and Cooper S forms) will make its public debut in Geneva or New York next year.

However the first time you will see it will be on these pages likely in February as MINI rolls out a digital release ahead of the show.


The F57 will look very familiar to most given the roof and general design is an iteration on the two previous MINI convertibles. Basically it marries that layout with the F56 and all the new tech and drivetrains that it brings to the table. The 2016 MINI convertible remains a four seater with a roof that opens both as a sunroof and fully behind the rear seat headrests.

Shortly after the debut of the Cooper and Cooper S MINI will also unveil the JCW version which is expected to be identical in specifications to the hardtop.