F56_3DoorHardtopDesign (12)MINI USA sales just came out for March and they are up 59.5% compare to the same month last year. These results are primarily driven by the Hardtop 2-door, 4-door, and the Convertible while the rest of the lineup is significantly down. But let’s take a closer look at this month’s numbers.

Historically, March has always been a strong month for MINI and the industry at large; winter is almost over so potential buyers across the nation start visiting dealerships in light of their next purchase. In addition to that, successive snow storms between January and February didn’t facilitate the job of Motoring Advisors, and they have most likely seen more customers in March than initially anticipated.

As you can see, MINI USA has decided to provide the breakout of 2-door and 4-door Hardtop sales for the first time this month. The F55 has been in showrooms for about four months and is trending in a similar fashion as the Countryman did when it was released (a good sign if you ask us). These two cars account for 36.5% and 25.9% respectively of all MINI USA sales. And it sells 1.4 F56s for every F55. We wouldn’t be surprised to see this ratio tipping in favor of the 4-door in the coming months.

Sales for the rest of the lineup are pretty uneventful, except for Roadster and the Clubman. Roadster sales, while declining, are still surprisingly good, while two units of the Clubman were sold during the entire month of March. If one of these two Clubman owners are reading this post, please get in touch us, we’d like to know your story.