In their latest comparison video, Auto Express pits the MINI Cooper S four-door against the Volkswagen Polo GTI.  Click through to watch the video and see which car they pick as the winner of this comparison.

In the U.S., the MINI Cooper is often compared to larger cars such as the Volkswagen Golf and GTI due to the dearth of hot hatches. However, it is not certainly the case in other markets where the size of the modern MINI matches up better with smaller hatches such as the Volkswagen Polo.  The Polo GTI is the sportier version of the more humble Polo, and like its big brother Golf GTI, the Polo GTI has a turbocharged four cylinder engine, sports suspension, sports seats (with familial tartan plaid), XDS electric front differential, larger wheels, and a more aggressive look.  But how does it compare to the MINI Cooper S four-door?

In the UK, the base price for both models is nearly identical.  The MINI Cooper S four-door is lighter than the Polo GTI, but doesn’t reach 60 mph as fast as its competitor.  Although the MINI’s rear doors are small, they add practicality and there is actually more overall storage space in the MINI than in the Polo GTI.  The MINI Cooper S is also more fuel efficient.  On paper, both cars appear very evenly matched, however what are they like to drive and what does it take “to separate the great from the good”? While the answer to this question may be subjective, be sure to watch the video and see the final results from AutoExpress.

AutoExpress YouTube Link