MINIUSA is recalling 92,000 cars due to a flaw in the front passenger airbag that may keep it from deploying. The recall will affect 59,000 2006 Cooper and Cooper S models (R50 and R53) and 32,530 Cooper and Cooper S convertibles (R52).

The reason is down to the occupant detection mat sensor potentially not deploying in the event of a crash. The issue is rather ironic for those who remember the fact that the entire bottom seat was redesigned to work with the U.S. spec sensor and in turn losing the better designed EU/UK version (Lounge seats for example).

According to MINI there have only been one minor injury around the issue.

For those curious the sensor was manufactured by Johnson Controls GmbH of Burscheid, Germany, a unit of Johnson Controls Inc. headquartered in Milwaukee WI.

For those affected look for an official communication in the next few days.