The-Qoros-2-SUV-PHEV-ConceptGert Hildebrand, former Head of Design at MINI, introduced at the Shanghai Auto Show a new SUV concept for the Chinese brand, Qoros. As many of you probably know, Mr. Hildebrand is VP of Design at Qoros Automotive. The [Wall Street Journal]( had the chance to talk to him about this new concept.

The market for SUVs is apparently booming in China and Qoros wants to meet that demand with this new concept. When asked about the similarities between the Qoros 2 and his prior work at MINI, here is the response the designer gave:

>”Mini is history for me. But nevertheless as a designer you keep a certain design style from birth–if you buy my design you buy my personality.”

Gert’s contribution to the MINI brand is invaluable and many fans argue that his touch has been sorely missed since his departure. However, seeing him continue to imprint his magic in other parts of the automotive space is a win for everyone.