We recently spent a week with the new MINI 5 door after living with an F56 MINI three door hatch for the past five months. How does it compare? We’ve got five reasons it might be the MINI to get.

1. Better ride. Despite our F55 having 18″ wheels (which provide a welcome increase in feel through the wheel) the ride is better resolved over the F56 three door hatch (despite it having the standard 16″ fare).

2. The size helps the front make sense. Yeah that overhang took awhile to get used to on the F56. And while most of us have generally have resolved its proportions (in our eyes), the additional wheelbase of the F55 helps.

3. The doors are great for kids. The five door is an absolute no brainer over the three door or old Clubman when it comes to the transportation of small humans. Regular sized humans may protest.

4. Has the same general equation of the Clubman with about 10% less agility and 40% more utility. But the big addition are the two conventional doors which just work better than the old Club door.

5. It’s only $1000 more. That’s a solid value considering the massive increase in versatility that those extra doors and space bring.