Facebook removal_deadBug fixes and improved connectivity come with removal of the app’s most prominent social media feature.

An update to MINI Connected pushed out to users improves connectivity and fixes some bugs, but also removes the Facebook update capability from the app. The update Version 2.8 has been confirmed on iOS and states in the What’s New section, “Removed Facebook feature due to Facebook policy.”

The bullet point for the improved connectivity update was an incomplete sentence but appears to help maintain connectivity when the phone is locked or the app is in some kind of state.

The value of social media connectivity being integrated into a connected car has been a topic of discussion among OEMs who often believe it adds modern value and reaches a very connected demographic, connected enthusiasts who want to advance all connectivity options for drivers, and detractors who often say social media has no place being used in a moving vehicle. The decision to remove Facebook from MINI Connected will undoubtedly play well with detractors of social media use in cars.

Despite the removal of Facebook, other social media services Foursquare and Twitter appear to remain a part of the MINI Connected app.

No word yet on this being pushed to Android or whether this same push was done to BMW Connected systems. Facebook did not respond to a request for more information about the policy.