We’ve not been shy about our excitement about the new F56 JCW. Equally we (along with most of you) have not been shy about our dislike of the standard wheels that come with the car. Luckily MINI does have an option that manages to look fantastic – almost as nice as the NM Engineering RSe 12s we’re currently running on our long term Cooper S. However until now we haven’t had a chance to see them actually on a car and in the flesh. Along with this, MINI also has a number of JCW accessories that (potentially) enhance the look and performance that have been hard to find at best.

Do they all work? Perhaps the vinyl is a bit much. And the carbon fiber hood scoop may be overly expressive given that the hood scoop itself is non functional. But those wheels. For our MINI these are the best OEM wheels we’ve seen adorn the F56.

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