F56_JCW_accessories_aftersales_86_highResDuring AMVIV last week we had a chance to chat with MINI USA’s Vice President, David Duncan. While our conversation was “off the record,” we came away with the feeling that the great team at MINI is right on track in regards to their sales forecast for 2015. Today, the US subsidiary of MINI announced a 1.8% increase in cars sold in May 2015 compared to the same month last year. And the big news? The four door F55 almost became the brand’s top seller.

As you can see from the chart below, MINI sales in the US are not back to 2013 levels, but they are very close and following a similar trend. Last month, we learned that 2-door and 4-door sales were the main drivers behind MINI’s performance and this dynamic continued last month. Talking with a number of Motoring Advisors across the Nation, it seems that that 4-door is especially in high-demand. Prospective buyers have been asking for a bigger MINI and they are putting their money where their mouth is. Overall, the Hardtop makes 57% of all MINI sales, followed by the Countryman at 30%. The only surprise in these figures is the Paceman; it has achieved its second best sales record in 18 months with 251 units sold.

When the Clubman comes out later this year, half of the line-up will have switched over to the UKL platform. By then, it’ll be interesting to see if new heights in sales will be attained given that just two FXX models currently pull more than half of all MINI USA sales.