The 2016 Clubman is only a few weeks away from making its public debut, but MINI’s PR effort is already in full force. To support the launch of the F54 and unveil the creative process behind the new car, MINI is running a series of video shorts called The Cultural. The first one showcases director Andre Saraiva and tattoo artist Scott Campbell. Make sure to watch the clip until the end to see a new interpretation of the legendary MINI logo.

**Official Press Release from [NOWNESS](** Bringing together old friends and downtown devotees, MINI has created The Cultural, a series of shorts examining the inspirations and processes of notable creative people.

In the first, graffiti artist and director Andre Saraiva heads to New York and the Brooklyn loft of celebrated tattooist and visual artist Scott Campbell, who explains the impetus behind his often controversial work.

Campbell is a strong believer that “the more you stray from your instincts, the further you get from yourself and who you are,” and his affinity for tattoo art has much to do with the relationship between body and mind, and the intimacy that the work entails with his clients.

All of the films in the series ascribe to the idea that our biggest decisions in life should be made by following our gut instincts. #GoWithYourGut