JCW_F56_5485-highResSince we published the list of equipment changes for the 2016 Model Year, there’s been an on-going debate about rear fog lights. For those of you new to this, MINI USA has decided to remove the rear fog lights as an option starting with 2016 MINIs. We believe, like many of you, that this might not be the best decision.

While we have little details on how much it cost MINI USA to have this option on the configurator, it was taken down because it had one of the lowest take rates among all options available. The main reason for this low take rate is because more than 85% of MINIs on the road in the US are bought from the lot as opposed to being custom-ordered. And since dealers make more than questionable choices when it comes to configuring cars (Xenon headlights anyone?!), rear fog lights never make the cut.

This may have been avoided by better educating dealers, but in the end the NHSA should enforce this the way it is done in Europe. Honestly, not making rear fog lights as important as back-up cameras is borderline irresponsible. In the meantime, we want to preserve our safety and those of others on the road (e.g. deadly multi-vehicle crashes during the winter time).

So please, help us convince MINI USA to bring back the rear fog lights!