F55_Cooper_SD62247There couldn’t be a better way to start the summer. With 6,174 cars sold last month, MINI USA has achieved its second best month of June ever. After two quarters MINI USA still trails behind its 2013 and 2012 levels by roughly 2,000 units, but there are key takeaways that appear to validate MINI’s strategy. Let’s have a detailed look at the sales figures.

Again, our favorite brand is up 14.8% this June compared to the same month last year. Models driving this performance include the Hardtop and the Countryman. June 2015 marks another milestone; it is the first time that sales of the 4-door Hardtop are surpassing sales of the 2-door. At the rate F55 sales are growing, we wouldn’t be surprised if the latest MINI surpassed the Countryman in July. Customers have asked for bigger MINIs, MINI listened, and these customers have put their money where their mouth is.

One thing to note from today’s press release, the CEO of BMWNA is “delighted to see MINI gaining more traction as model availability continues to increase.” Although short, this is quite a significant statement. Despite having yet to see 12 consecutive months of FXX availability, MINI is close to achieving its second or third best year ever in the US. The new Clubman can’t come soon enough and should help the brand reach new heights next year.