2015 JCW Mini  Hardtop Americas Launch Event.18 months ago while I was listening to [White Roof Radio](http://www.whiteroofradio.com), [DB](http://www.dbmini.us) and [Todd](http://www.motoringstripes.com) asked their audience for help. They were about to embark on yet another MTTS and needed interns to support the show during this fantastic road trip. Since my plan was to attend MTTS anyways, I immediately volunteered. It also gave me an opportunity to give back to my favorite podcast. Note that at the time, I had no idea how I would get from San Francisco to Boston, I just trusted that everything would work itself out. And it did. It was a phenomenal trip that keeps going a year later. Let’s hope it continues for many more miles.

I have to admit that when I signed up to help the guys, I had a crazy hidden agenda: host White Roof Radio, write for MotoringFile, interview the team at MINI USA, and attend a MINI USA press event. My thinking was that if I managed to achieve two of these objectives, I would be happy enough with myself. In less than a year, three of these goals have been attained and next week I will attend my very first MINI press event. If someone had told me that one day MINI would invite me to an in-depth test-drive of their most powerful production car, I would have laugh at their faces, really hard.

None of this would have happened without the help of the White Roof Radio and MotoringFile crews. They welcomed me with open arms despite my French accent and my incessant polls. It was a big leap of faith on their part to trust some dude they never met before with their established online properties. MINI USA and Peppercomm have also been instrumental in this endeavor. We have a great relationship with them because they trust our objective opinion despite giving us preferred access to everything MINI.

But beyond DB, Tood, Gabe, and [Chad](http://www.detroittuned.com), it’s you our readers and listeners that made this possible. And to thank all of you, we’ve decided to bring you daily updates of next week’s Press Event, along with photos and interviews. We will also publish a detailed review of the F56 John Cooper Works after the event.

If you want to make the most of it, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter ([@MotoringFile](https://twitter.com/motoringfile), [@WhiteRoofRadio](https://twitter.com/whiteroofradio)) and Instagram ([MotoringFile](https://instagram.com/motoringfile/), [White Roof Radio](https://instagram.com/whiteroofradio/)). Many of you are still on the fence regarding this new JCW, so this coverage will definitely allow you to make an informed decision.