Ladies and gentleman, you’re looking at the first complete redesign of MotoringFile in a very (very) long time. With this new design we’ve focused on de-cluttering and streamlining the site in terms of design, content and code. The overall layout will feel familiar to our previous design. Stories flow from top to bottom in chronological order (as before) with key stories pulled out and organized on right. What’s really different is the top navigation. The categories are all still there (now found at the bottom of the site) but we’ve now grouped much of that content into three eras of the modern MINI. This should create a simpler way to navigate for specific model information.

For those who are familiar with BimmerFile you’ll feel at home. Our plan was to test the new design before transitioning over a decade of MotoringFile content onto it. Or in other words as my dad taught me, measure twice and cut once.

Finally MF is now 100% responsive. Simply put it’s been designed from the ground up to work on mobile, tablet and desktop with no loss in functionality.

Your feedback helped us (and will continue to help) in tweaking the site and the overall experience. To that point look for further tweaks in the coming days to further refine the experience.

Go ahead. Kick the tires a bit. And then come back here and lets us know what you think.