MINI has officially unveiled the new 2016 MINI Clubman at the Frankfurt Motor Show and we’re just back from our first hands-on time with it. Here are our big take-aways:

– The interior quality is at another level. If you thought the F56 was good, just wait for the F54.
– It’s both larger and smaller than you think. The shape of the Clubman makes it look larger than it is. But seeing it among other cars you realize that it’s still quite MINI given its interior space
– 18″ wheels are mandatory and 19″ look fantastic.
– The cross-stitch seats are the most beautiful seats MINI has ever produced
– Rear seats are easier to get into and more comfortable than the Countryman
– The boot is very spacious, more so than the Countryman

We’ll have much more on the Clubman when we get some time with a early prototype away from the crowds of Frankfurt. Until then check out our first look gallery.