Since the new John Cooper Works MINI came out early this spring, most reviews have been focused on automatic transmission cars. And while we had the chance to play with the manual transmission during the JCW Press Event in July, it wasn’t an extensive test. Fortunately for us, our colleagues across the automotive press are now updating their reviews as manual JCWs have become readily available. Here is what [Autocar]( has to say about the car:

>In the bragging-rights sprint from a standstill to 62mph, the manual JCW is 0.2sec slower than the automatic version, which benefits from shorter first and second gear ratios and a launch control system that you don’t get if you want to change the cogs yourself.

>Ignore the on-paper numbers, though; in real-world driving the manual JCW doesn’t feel like it wants for acceleration. It is as quick as most drivers will desire in most driving conditions, and when you add manual gear-changing to the deep-throated engine tone, rally-style exhaust crackles and fast-gathering pace, it’s a more immersive experience than the auto.