With the new generation of MINIs, JCW has decided more is less. The thought is that MINI’s performance brand should have less models but more focus. All great until you realize that one of those models that hit the cutting room floor was a full-on JCW version of the F55 four door. Given that model’s popularity since its launch last year, that might have been a bad call. Luckily MINIUSA has taken things into their own hands to create the closest thing we’ll get (until the JCW Clubman) to a real four door JCW. Collaborating with the MINI Design team, they’ve come up with what could be the most interesting limited edition MINI model we’ve seen to date.

The Carbon Edition takes the 191 hp Cooper S and adds the new John Cooper Works Pro Tuning Kit with the JCW Pro exhaust system and high-grade carbon fiber accessories. The result is a menacing looking four door MINI with 208 hp and a serious exhaust note.

Here’s the full rundown of what you’ll find on the MINI Four door JCW Carbon Edition:

MINI Cooper S Hardtop 4 Door / MSRP: $25,100

Midnight Black Metallic Paint

Carbon Edition Accessory Package / $3,500

– John Cooper Works Pro Tuning Kit
– Valve Exhaust System: Sport And Track Modes
– Bluetooth Exhaust Control
– Carbon Fiber Mirror Cover
– Carbon Fiber Tailpipe Finishers
– Carbon Fiber Air Intake Trim
– Matte Black Sport And Side Stripes
– Short Sporty Antenna
– Black Line Headlight And Taillight Rings
– John Cooper Works Pro Aerodynamic Kit Additions

Carbon Edition Option Package / $3,000

– LED Headlights
– Dynamic Damper Control
– Harman/Kardon Premium Sound System
– Comfort Access
– Panoramic Sunroof
– Heated Seats

JCW Exterior Package / $2,500
– JCW Aerodynamic Kit
– White Turn Signals
– 17” Jcw Track Spoke Black Wheels
– Rear Spoiler

JCW Interior Package / $400

– JCW Steering Wheel
– Anthracite Headliner
– JCW Door Sill Finishers
– Stainless Steel Pedals And Footrest

Wired Package (Navigation) / $1,750
– 8.8” Infotainment Screen Xl
– Navigation System
– Center Armrest
– Enhanced Bluetooth And Audio Streaming


Great. But why would you want these accessories as part of the total package? For one this is a truly limited edition MINI. Less than 150 will be made meaning that each dealership will get only one car. Secondly there’s value here. Because everything is installed at the port everything will be listed on the vehicle sticker. This means that these accessories can be rolling into financing or even a lease. Beyond that they’re also fairly impressive accessories from a technical perspective. We’ve already gone into detail on the JCW Pro Exhaust in our recent JCW Automatic review, but that’s just one aspect of this car.

John Cooper Works Pro Tuning Kit

– Increases the standard Cooper S engine performance from 189 to 208 horsepower.
– Delivers superb responsiveness through reduced exhaust gas back pressure and adapted software engine update.


John Cooper Work Valve Exhaust System

– Track and Sport Modes (Track Mode: For track use only, delivers maximum sound)
– Sport Mode: Significantly sportier and more emotional than the standard Cooper S for everyday use.
– Made from high-quality stainless steel for exceptional quality and longevity.
– Controlled via handheld Bluetooth 4.0 Exhaust
Remote Control.

Now to the question many of you have. Yes this is a truly limited vehicle with less than 150 being produced. That means if you want to get your hands on a Carbon Edition JCW you had better hurry. They will be sold on a first come first served basis.

What about ordering additional options? All Carbon Editions will be built the same with two exceptions: all-season tires (option 927) and Sport Automatic Transmission (option 2TB).

Production will began in October and should commence by the end of the year. That means these cars should hit showrooms between November and January.

In short, if any of this interests you we’d highly recommend calling your local MINI dealer asap. And for those of you outside of the US? Don’t worry. We hear that other markets could be following MINIUSA’s lead.