The Clubman Cooper and Cooper S models are hitting UK and European showrooms as we speak with the US following in a few weeks time. But there’s three major product offerings for the Clubman that haven’t even been hinted at yet by MINI.



The MINI Clubman ALL4

First up will be the all wheel drive Clubman we told you about a few weeks back. The system is major revision to the one that debuted on the R60 Countryman. Power from the front drive to the rear axle is transferred by means of an angular gear (Power Take-Off) on the front differential and a two-part cardan shaft. The central component of the four-wheel drive system is an electro-hydraulically controlled multiple-disk clutch (Hang-On) inside the rear axle drive, which facilitates infinitely variable distribution of torque to the front and rear wheels. The corresponding commands are provided by an electronic control unit which, like the hydraulic pump, is located on the rear axle. The idea is completely invisible engagement resulting in constant traction in any condition.

Production will begin in March of 2015.


The MINI Clubman Diesel

Next up will be MINI USA’s first diesel offering with the MINI Clubman SD. We first reported MINI’s plans back in 2014 and further hinted at them recently.

The car’s power plant will likely be one of the higher output diesels in the MINI line-up and be marketed as a Cooper D or Cooper SD. For reference the previous Cooper SD was powered by a 2.0L turbo diesel and had an output of 143 hp with peak torque of 225 ft lbs (while getting 65 mpg on the EU cycle). However we expect something very close to the current Cooper S power output of around 190 HP.

The chosen power plant is currently undergoing final engineering and testing for import. The main challenge is fitting the high pressure urea tank in such a small car. Because of this, the US-spec diesel MINI will have a larger fuel filler cap to accommodate 2 filler necks — one for fuel, and one for the selective catalytic reduction system additives (as you can now see in US spec petrol Clubman).

Look for a US market launch for the Clubman SD of late 2016.


The MINI Clubman JCW ALL4

The 2017 JCW Clubman will use the slightly revised ALL4 system that first debuted in the F48 BMW X1 and 2 Series Active Tourer. That system will make its MINI debut in the Clubman Cooper S ALL4 with production beginning in March. We’ll have to wait a bit longer for the JCW Clubman which is currently scheduled to begin production in November of 2016 as a 2017 model.

Power output of the much rumored JCW Clubman has been thought to be anywhere from the 228 hp figure seen on the F56 JCW to something as high as 300 hp. The latter figure has been bandied about for a couple of years with the thought that BMW would be bringing to market higher output versions B48 for its own cars based on the UKL platform. While that may still happen for the BMW brand, multiple sources are telling us that MINI will stick with the 228hp version of the B48 engine for the 2017 JCW Clubman. Yes the larger, heavier JCW Clubman will make due with the exact same engine found in the F56 JCW. At least according to our sources.

The JCW Clubman should began production in November of 2016 and arrive in the US by early 2017.