2016 will be a busy year for MINI with three products either debuting or hitting the market within a 12 month span. Yesterday we went into detail on the new Clubman and all it’s iterations. Today we’re going to focus on the second model the all new MINI Convertible.


The MINI Convertible Cooper & Cooper S

The launch of the new MINI Convertible will include two models we know very well. The Cooper with it’s 1.5L three cylinder will be MINI’s entry level offering with the 189 hp Cooper S topping out the range at launch. There will be some minor trim changes (one new exterior color pictured above) and a couple interior trim changes. MINI USA is also offering the smaller infotainment screen as standard, something that began with the Clubman. Finally that Open-meter that all of MINI’s previous R5X open top cars features is back. But this time it’s integrated into the digital display itself.

Look for the Convertible to hit showrooms in late winter in time for the first few days of spring.


The MINI Convertible JCW

Yes MINI intends to bring full JCW factory performance the F57 Convertible. Again there are no real surprises here as MINI is taking the F56 JCW and merging it wit the F57 Convertible. That means 231 hp out of the excellent B48 engine coupled with large brakes and those fantastic JCW seats. The only real surprise here is that the F57 JCW convertible is scheduled to begin production on 3/16 meaning we should see a market launch in Europe in April. We expect US dealers to get the first allotment of JCW convertibles sometime in late Spring 2016.

It’s worth noting that MINI is planning a six year model cycle for these new convertibles (instead of seven) with the last month of production being 10/22.