Not only is MINI on pace to sell more than since its relaunch in 2001, it’s edging close to the all-time record of MINIs sold in one year. Given the high level of competition and the high levels of engineering and costs associated with the automotive sector, it’s an incredible achievement 14 years after re-launching the brand.

In 1971 at the height of the first incarnation’s popularity, 318,475 Minis were delivered to customers. As of November 30th MINI has sold 302,091 vehicles. Given monthly sales trend we’d expect global MINI sales to end up around 330,000.

How does that figure compare to recent years? As it turns around pretty well.

– 2010: 234,175
– 2011: 285,060 (Countryman launches)
– 2012: 301,526
– 2013: 305,030
– 2014: 302,183 (F56 launches with supply constraints)
– 2015: 302,091 (as of November 30th)

The four door hatch (F55) and the standard hatch (F56) have have more than taken up the slack as the Countryman has become a bit long in the tooth. With the Clubman hitting dealerships in ernest in January, 2016 could be even better.

But for now all eyes will be on that sales report that comes out January 1st.