One week in and the superlatives are rolling in for our six door MINI around the MotoringFile HQ. So much so that at least one of us is considering buying our own Clubman after experiencing it first hand. All the attributes we found in our first look at the Clubman are still impressing us after a week of living with it.

While I was a little disappointed to miss-out on the variable damper option with this Clubman, the ride quality of the standard suspension combined with 17″ runflats is the best we’ve experienced in a MINI. It’s such an excellent middle-point between comfort and sport that I hardly miss those variable dampers. Combined with a chassis that feels vault like, eager turn-in, the always excellent manual transmission and you have one of the most enjoyable daily drivers I’ve ever experienced.

The combination of Melting Silver and the Burgundy leather interior has also been a bit of a surprise. Melting Silver is one of those colors that seems to soak in light around it alter it’s look depending on the time of day and/or environment. Inside the Burgundy leather gives the car a rich and almost vintage look that, combined with the modern design, creates a driving environment you don’t mind being stuck in traffic in.



While our car came very well specced at $36,600, I can’t help but think the more impressive figure is the base MSRP of the Cooper Clubman at just over $24k. This isn’t a poverty spec VW Golf, this is a BMW engineered product that feels decidedly more upmarket and (dare we say it) decidedly more premium than anything in its class. Picking one up (even without many options) around $25k feels like a solid value to me.

We’ll have much more on the Clubman as we live with it throughout the year. In the meantime what our your first impressions of MINI’s new Clubman? Let us know in the comment section below.