The New York Auto Show is here as are MINI’s latest debuts; the JCW Convertible and the Clubman All4. The JCW Convertible is a direct application of the JCW bits and pieces to the F57 chassis. We loved the new F57 after driving it around LA last month and we can expect to love the JCW version even more. Key features are the 228 hp 2.0L JCW engine, JCW seats, large JCW brakes, sport suspension and exclusive exterior and interior colors.

On the other end of the product spectrum is the Clubman All4. Having lived with a front wheel drive Clubman for over 4,000 miles I’m keenly interested in what this new all wheel drive version would be like to drive daily. I love our long term Clubman test car but one of the surprises is how the larger body of the car exposes a few of the inherent traction downsides front wheel drive can have that you don’t feel as readily in smaller MINIs. And I’m not even speaking of snow but simply on the dusty (salty) or wet roads Chicago roads. Would that extra traction make up for the increased weight? We can’t wait to find out.