The special edition MINI Seven was unveiled yesterday and the Internet seems ablaze with opinions. Jalopnik is doing their click-bait thing and calling it a deperste hipster malarkey while others are wondering why it’s worth even reporting in. The reality is that MINI has a mostly successful history with global special editions dating back to the 2006 model year. But before we go any further lets outline the typical two types of special editions.


1. Global special edition. This typically has unique trim, seat materials, exterior colors and badging. In other words it’s a look that cannot be duplicated with normal options. Case in point, the MINI Seven.


2. Market specific special edition. Here MINI USA or other regional MINI outposts take off the shelf color and trim and add stickers. This can sometimes be combined with port or dealer installed off the shelf accessories a la the MINI Carbon edition.


3. Limited edition models. In this example MINI thoroughly re-engineers a car to create a unique limited edition model that has unique color, trim along with chassis and drivetrain enhancements that aren’t available elsewhere. The GP for instance.

Now the big questions:

– Which do you prefer?
– Which would you like to see MINI make more of?
– What are you willing to spend?

Everyone wants a GP type of vehicle but there are economic realities with a limited edition model that special edition packages don’t have to content with. So what special or limited edition MINI would you like to see?