Good news! Everyone’s favorite Youtube automotive star Chris Harris has been drafted by Top Gear to co-host a program called “Extra Gear”. Never mind that the idea of an extra year seems technically like a bad idea, this is great news for car lovers as Harris is the real deal both in terms of driving and analyzing cars.

Good news #2! Everyone’s favorite car, the MINI Cooper, has also been drafted by the new Top Gear. It’s the program’s new “reasonably priced car” that celebrities will drive hot laps in. After years of horribly boring cars (granted that was the point) it’ll be interesting to see something as performance oriented as the Cooper attacking the Top Gear course.

Even better, that course has been modified to include a rally stage. So expect that Chili Red Cooper to get plenty dirty. And expect celebrities to generally make a hilarious mess of the whole thing.

Check it out above in a full 360 degrees.