Joined tonight by Mr. [MotoringFile](, Gabe Bridger, we spend more than a fair amount of time talking about MINIs, like we like to do. There was the Car & Driver [long-term review]( of the F56 that Gabe took issue with, and that started quite the conversation. Talked about sales, and the ongoing trend of sales decreasing for MINIUSA and we finish with some Top Gear talk. What did you think? Let us know below!

Seriously, have you guys been to to [check out their wheel selection]( Most of the factory wheels and only the cool wheels that actually fit the MINI. That’s where Gabe got the wheels that are on the current company car. You should check them out!

Finally, I expect [RideBikesRadio]( to launch next week! Talking about bicycles with our man Brian Dallas. Stay tuned for that!

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