It’s here – the MINI Vision Next 100. This is MINI’s vision for its future has debuted in a stunning concept that’s set to debut in London this week.

Earlier this year the BMW Group embarked on a year long celebration of the BMW brand’s hundredth year in existence. To celebrate the occasion they produced a stunning and thought provocative concept (awkwardly dubbed) the BMW Vision Next 100. The concept is meant to be a glimpse into the brand’s future products and strategy around technology and performance.


Now it’s MINI’s turn. Unlike the BMW concept which focused on autonomy, the key idea behind the MINI VISION NEXT 100 is responsible use of resources for personal mobility. The motto “Every MINI is my MINI” is about innovative car-sharing, with MINI fans of the future able to access and tailor any MINI to their own personal preferences, anywhere and at any time. The MINI will be available to everybody at all times, picking drivers up autonomously from wherever they like and adjusting the car’s appearance, driving characteristics and connectivity to suit the user’s personal lifestyle. New, customised mobility with the MINI VISION NEXT 100 builds on connected digital intelligence.

We’ll have much much more on the new concept in the coming days and weeks. But until then read on for the event details and a full gallery of the new MINI Vision Next 100.


“BMW Group Iconic Impulses. The BMW Group Future Experience.” event and exhibition concept

This event and exhibition concept will allow as many people as possible around the world to experience the BMW Group’s vision of future mobility. It is open to the public in London from 18 to 26 June 2016.

The narrative of the exhibition takes visitors through different worlds of experience and reflects the BMW Group’s 100-year history as a pioneering, innovative company. Visitors also learn more about key global megatrends and about the challenges and opportunities society will face in the future. In addition, the exhibition provides information about the BMW Group and its responsibilities regarding the environment, society and its employees.

The Inner Rotunda of the exhibition provides the setting for the debuts of the two Vision Vehicles and for press conferences and various events. It also offers a platform for discussions around key questions of the future. Specialists from a wide range of areas, such as politics, science, business, culture and the interested public, are invited to contribute their thoughts and ideas and join an open exchange with a variety of perspectives on key future topics.