The 2017 MINI Countryman Hybrid is a pretty incredible piece of engineering. Fresh off of speaking to the program lead on the car, we’ve come to realize that the PHEV Countryman isn’t just an advanced MINI, it’s one of the most advanced hybrid’s in the world.

However MINI focused on keeping that complexity somewhat hidden so drivers could simply focus on the benefits that the system gives them. This video details some of those technical aspects and how it relates to the driving experience.

MINI Countryman E Background


This is a model that MotoringFile has been reporting details on for almost four years now. We’ve known everything fro basic architecture to final outputs for some time. But there’s plenty to dig into now that MINI has officially lifted the curtain on the model.

The Countryman E is the first model from MINI in which a plug-in hybrid drive provides the option of mobility that is purely electric and therefore emissions-free, in addition to offering typical MINI performance. The job of providing efficient forward propulsion is shared between a 3-cylinder gasoline engine and a synchronous electric motor. Together they produce a system output of 221 hp. The Countryman E is thus the perfect vehicle for urban target groups who wish to enjoy the benefits of purely electric mobility when commuting between home and work every day, for example, while at the same time benefiting from unlimited long-distance suitability at the weekend.

The Countryman E combines the variable space concept of the new model generation’s largest member with the sustainability of BMW Group eDrive technology and an electrified all-wheel drive system. The front wheels are powered by the combustion engine, the rear wheels by the electric motor. The Countryman E is able to run on electricity alone not just in urban traffic but far beyond, too – at a top speed of 77 mph and with a range of up to 24 miles. Drawing on the power of both drive forms, it offers mild off-road ability as well. “The plug-in hybrid concept perfectly matches the new MINI Countryman because it offers intelligent all-wheel drive as well as being able to run on electricity alone both in urban areas and over longer distances, too. This is unique in the segment,” says Uwe Seitz, Countryman E project manager.



– High-quality BMW Group eDrive components, configured to suit this specific model, that draw on expertise gained from the development of BMW iPerformance automobiles.
– 3-cylinder gasoline engine and electric motor combine to produce a total system output of 221 hp.
Electric driving at speeds of up to 77 mph with a range of up to 24 miles*.
– Novel driving experience due to the electrified all-wheel drive system ALL4.
– Three operating modes available for selection via eDrive toggle switch.
– Hybrid-specific displays.
– On-sale June 2017