MINIs worldwide paint pricing structure is changing in 2017 and the all-new MINI Countryman is the first affected vehicle in the US. Until now MINI charged an extra $500 for all metallic paint with premium options costing $1000. Starting with the Countryman MINI will re-orgnaize it’s paint options instead offering one no-cost option (metallic or not).

Historically the majority of MINI customers (72% – 80% depending on the MINI model) have paid an upgrade charge for Metallic Paint or specialty Non-Metallic colors (i.e. MINI Yours Lapisluxury Blue or JCW Rebel Green). For them this change doesn’t necessarily drive prices higher. However the remaining 20% – 28% of buyers will see an upcharge depending on the color they choose.

The free option for the Countryman will be Moonwalk Grey – a color that in our opinion might be one of the best in the range. We expect this change to roll-out to other models as they’re updated for the 2018 model year this summer. It’s unknown if all models will have a consistent no-cost color or if that color will differ.

It’s worth noting that all other MINI markets have already changed to this new pricing structure.

Code Paint Color $0 $500 $1,000
B71  Moonwalk Grey  X 
B15  Light White  X 
A94  Midnight Black  X 
851 Chili Red  X 
B22  British Racing Green  X 
C2M  Island Blue  X 
C1V  Chestnut  X 
C2K  Melting Silver  X 
B58  Thunder Grey (Cooper S only)  X 
C24  MINI Yours Lapisluxury Blue  X