It’s official – MINI USA has made a change at the top of marketing. Tom Noble has left MINI USA and Pat McKenna is taking over at the top of the marketing pyramid. For those who follow MotoringFile and MINI USA you’ll know that Pat McKenna has been MINI USA’s product manager for years now and has overseen the transformation of the brand from 2-3 product company to one that has a vast range of offerings.

What should we expect? For one we hear this is an interim solution until MINI finds a more long term head of marketing. Still there’s no one more qualified to Pat in terms of understanding the product and knowing what owners want. We’ve seen him tirelessly work crowds of owners at MINI Takes the States as well as present the MINI brand to perspective owners.

Why did MINI USA make this change? We don’t have details on what initiated this change but we do know that MINI USA sales continue to noticeably lag compared with the rest of the world. We also know that MINI USA’s marketing has become quite a bit more mundane and staid as compared to where it was in years past.