Ok this is clearly a German press release translated into English with moderate success. But forget that. It’s nice to see MINI exposing its performance arm more to the general public. The message of MINI as a performance car sorely lacking in many circles. With its recent win at Daytona and the newly launch Clubman and Countryman JCWs it would seem an ideal time to better expose the sub-brand. But guys, can we talk about this horrible photoshopped image off the new JCW Countryman oversteering OFF THE TRACK:

Uh oh.
JCW...Uh oh.

We can just see the conversation at the agency that led to the above photograph:

Creative Director: Guys we need a photo of this new high performance MINI.

Art Director: Great lets put it on a track like the rest of them.

Creative Director: Awesome idea. Wait I think this one is like a SUV or something

Art Director: Hmmmm… how about this… lets photoshop it going OFF THE TRACK!

Creative Director: boom…. awesome work guys (high fives).

Official Release: John Cooper Works, the exciting performance sub-brand of long-standing British brand MINI, has launched a redesigned brand page. With its own separate area on the mini.com website, the new brand page creates a stage for the love of dynamic performance, race feeling and driving fun, as well as the brand’s signature go-kart feeling. Just in time for the completion of the John Cooper Works family with the new MINI John Cooper Works Countryman the sub-brand gets an brand-adequate online platform.

With strong visuals, emotional content and innovative features, the new John Cooper Works brand page provides a modern and contemporary platform that gives the dynamic sub-brand a consistent look. The focus is on the four unique John Cooper Works models, which anyone with an interest can experience in the most authentic way.

The new brand page delivers different kinds of emotional content: A slideshow with historical images showcases the long motor-racing history of John Cooper Works and motorsports pioneer John Cooper, as well as the legendary rally successes of the classic Mini. Info-boxes provide insights into equipment details, technical features and the design language of the John Cooper Works model line-up.

A particular highlight is a video clip of a MINI John Cooper Works 3-Door driving through the famous tunnel along the shore of Lake Garda in Italy – bringing to life the intense engine sound that is part of the unique John Cooper Works feeling.

The 360° interior view allows visitors to the brand page to take a closer look inside all John Cooper Works models and focus in on the smallest detail. Prospective buyers can check out specific equipment options, such as the John Cooper Works sports seats and leather steering wheel.

“With the relaunch of the brand page, we wanted to show what John Cooper Works is made of: A genuine enthusiasm for race feeling – and the technological racing know-how that comes from a long tradition,” explained Steve Ambeau, head of MINI Digital Marketing.

The agency in charge of implementing the brand page was TRACK of Hamburg.