You’ve seen the numbers and MINI USA April Sales don’t look good. The whole US light vehicle picture has taken a turn for the worse, dropping 4.7%. Even the light truck segment has dropped by 0.1%, the first monthly year-over-year drop since Sept. 2013. Incentives are up, inventory is up with 10 brands holding more than 90 days worth of sales on lots, well above the so-called optimum of 60 days supply. Oddly, MINI inventory on the April 1st was only 48 days supply, down from over 90 on March 1st. It’s hard to know exactly why, as the supply numbers we can find don’t break down by model, only by brand.

Matt’s MINI Index contains no good news for MINI either. MINI is at the bottom of the chart, down 27.4% compared to the index drop of just 1.4%. One interesting note is that MINI of Stevens Creek (a dealer on the SF Peninsula) has no Clubmans at all, but MINI of SF has 23. Countrymans are plentiful at both dealerships as well. Overall, a very bad month.