MINI USA is releasing something called “The MINI Cooper Signature Line” – a package that brings a handful of key options to customers for the lowest price possible.

Think of the MINI Cooper Signature Line as a value pack for people who want a minimalist approach to a MINI. The line gives you four options:

– Upgraded paint (see options above)
– 16” Black Victory Spoke Wheels
– White turn signals
– Heated seats

It’s a great move by MINI USA to both control product on showroom floors and make the buying process a little easier. But where’s the manual? Where’s are the options that make a MINI a Mini?

Here’s our challenge: Let’s create our own MINI Cooper signature line. MINI’s Cooper Signature Line is comprised of four options that normally cost $2200. What would your $2200 worth of options be?

We’ll give you ours first:

– Dynamic damper control,
– 17” wheels (Cosmos spoke)
– Sport Seats