Some unfortunate news out of Automotive News today. Michelle Savoy, a regional market coordinator for Mini’s central region in Illinois has lodged a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission citing a number of issues around racism and sexism at a MINI USA regional office. In response to this BMW of North America has begun an investigating into the claims and is working with the EEOC to resolve the issue. While the move by BMW’s good to hear, the fact there’s potentially been an issue at all is a bit distressing.

As someone who has met dozens (if not hundreds) of MINI employees over the years this is rather shocking. I’ve found most if not all to be great people who love their jobs and have obvious respect for their colleagues. We’ve even met Michelle on several occasions and found her to be incredibly helpful and clearly hard working. Needless to say our hope is that this is resolved in an appropriate manner for both parties.

Source: Automotive News