For the first time in over a decade MINI USA is offering a MINI under $20,000. The new MINI Oxford Edition will retail for… (wait for it)… $19,750. The rub? MINI USA is selling this specifically for students and recent grads. But shhhh… you don’t have to be either to buy one – you just don’t get the discount.

MINI USA’s Oxford Edition is identical to an F56 Cooper Hardtop 2 Door and includes all the Hardtop standard content PLUS upgraded 17” wheels, automatic or manual transmission, and heated seats. Since the Oxford Edition is a pilot program with limited volume, units are available on a first come first serve basis to contact your dealer sooner rather than later.

The only option that can be added to be MINI Oxford Edition is the Panoramic Sunroof for $500, a 50% discount with the Oxford Edition.

Who’s eligible?

– Current full-time and part-time students, attending an accredited college or university.
– Current full-time and part-time graduate students
– Recent graduates, who graduated within the last 12 months.

You don’t have can technically buy one without qualifying for the above. Quietly MINI USA is allowing an Oxford Edition to be sold to a non-student without the applicable student discount.

What Exclusive Stuff Do I Get?

Oxford Edition buyers will receive a grille badge and keychain around the same time as the welcome kit (within a month of delivery).

Our Take

MINI USA is trying and we love it. While this isn’t the under $20k MINI that all of us have been waiting for, it is a way into the brand for a younger demographic that MINI is always looking for.