The MINI Countryman Autohome Tent night not be officially available in the US but that hasn’t stopped our interest in the rather unique package. Luckily Autocar got a hold of a Countryman equipped with the roof tent and set out on a long weekend with a rival. The UK/Euro only Mercedes Marco Polo campervan. Here are a few highlights:

The Mini feels lithe, eager and almost unaffected by the flat-pack penthouse apartment on its roof. It’s not quite entertaining enough to wear Cooper S badging, but it does ride with a pliancy uncharacteristic of Minis. All of which makes it more than decent as everyday wheels. The Merc, on the other hand, would be ponderously extravagant as daily transport.

But how is it to live with?

It’s cosy for two but more comfortable than it sounds. There’s a big net shelf to carry clothes and stuff, you can open extra panels for ventilation and you learn to live with whichever telescopic strut you’re sleeping closest to. Obviously, you can’t do much in here except sleep – you can comfortably sit up, but not stand – and there’ll be no making tea, either. But as instant, comfortable, go-anywhere, rain-proof and wind-proof accommodation for two, this top box is brilliant.

Would you consider the Autohome for your Countryman? Let us know below. And you can read the entire review at Autocar.