MINI 4G connectivity is coming to all models beginning with March production along with a host of new features and functionality. This change was originally thought to be just for facelifted models (the two door, four door and convertible) is actually rolling out to all MINIs. While it may seem small, this change allows for a host of new digital functionality as well as ushering in an all new head unit. While the displays and controls may look identical, there’s a substantial upgrade to processor and graphics speed creating a more fluid user experience on all models. For the first time this means that all MINIs will have the same infotainment experience.

MINI 4G Connectivity MINI 4G Connectivity

What MINI 4G Connectivity Means

Better app connectivity and remote services for one. Using the app you can now remotely control, lights, locks and the climate control along with locating your vehicle in real time (rather than just the last position). In all the app has been updated to include Time-to-Leave Notifications (push messages that take into account your calendar and location), Send to Car (for importing destinations from a smartphone to the car – this is improved over the current experience), Remote Services (e.g. for locking the car’s doors from a smartphone) and – in electrified MINI models – a charging timer, charging station search facility and personal efficiency status display.

But there’s much more than that. 4G gives MINI drivers advanced real time traffic data rather than the current experience which only updates every 7-8 minutes over radio. In addition the connectivity allows MINI to update maps seamlessly over the air. These map specific features will come bundled with MINI’s Navigation XL.

Teleservices such as concierge and emergency calls will be standard with the 4G connection as well. The MINI Concierge Service is all new and will be able to be a resource for MINI owners while driving. The Concierge can be contacted by telephone 24 hours a day to source information and address data, research connections and offer travel tips.

How Much Will This All Cost?

Now for the really good news. Everything we’ve detailed above comes absolutely free. The map related features obviously are bundled to the Navigation XL option but everything else you see above comes standard with every MINI sold in the US.

CarPlay is Now Standard on the Navigation XL

Unlike BMW, MINI has decided to not charge for Apple’s CarPlay. MINI’s parent brand has previously charged $300 for the right to use CarPlay in your BMW. However recently they’ve announced a move to a $80 a year subscription model (much to the irritation of BMW fans). We asked MINI USA about this and they made it clear that they have no plans to move in that direction with CarPlay and will continue to bundle it with the Navigation XL option.

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