The configurator may not be up and running by MINIUSA has officially released pricing and specifications for its new Classic, Signature Iconic 2019 trim levels. These levels or tiers represent a major shift in the way that MINIUSA offers options and positions its cars. In short what you’ll see below is an options framework that simplifies ordering and increases value in most scenarios without limiting the ultimate number a choices a customer has.

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Why is MINIUSA Making this Change?

MINI started this entire process by talking to dealers, sales people, customers and people who looked at MINIs that didn’t actually buy. The data pointed to a few things:

– Dealers were often ordering one of a kind cars that didn’t end up selling easily
– Potential buyers loved the idea of making a MINI their own but felt the configuration process was confusing and took too long
– Residuals on MINIs we’re talking a hit because one of a kind cars were driving values lower – bad for MINI and for owners
– There was a group of almost identical options people tended to order in the mid and higher dollar levels
– Potential buyers who didn’t buy were looking or more options at lower costs

MINI USA quickly realized that they could take this data and group options commonly ordered together to drive value. Out of this they create three tiers that acted as a baseline for owners to order their MINIs. These three tiers eliminated packages like sport and the JCW exterior package and have created option groups based on how most customers order. By doing this, prices will be less on most MINIs, especially those with moderate to high option levels.

Tier 1 – Classic

The base prices are changing across the board. The price of a base Cooper has actually gone up $300 in the Cooper while cars like the Countryman will go down $300-$500 depending on configuration.

Classic will come with the following standards:

– Four colors only
– Manual transmission standard
– 4G connectivity (emergency calls and teleservices)

Unlike the others, Classic will have very limited options:

– Roof rails
– Heated seats
– Automatic transmission (unlike the tiers 2 and 3 this will not be free)

You cannot get contrasting roof, navigation or even leather with these cars. But as you see with the low price of The Signature line, anyone wanting those options will want to move up to that next level. The base price will actually go up $300 for the standard Cooper to $21,900. But that’s pretty much where the price increases.

Tier 2 – Signature

Signature will be immensely popular given what you get for the pricing. MINI USA has aggressively targeted this price point by including all the following option for $24,900 on a F56 Cooper (prices vary for other models).

– Any paint color
– Sunroof
– Sport seats
– Automatic or Manual
– Any 16” wheel
– White turn signals
– Heated seats
– Comfort access
– 4G connectivity (emergency calls and teleservices)

This doesn’t mean you’re stuck with these options mind you. You can upgrade the interior by choosing a premium interior package (which includes leather, trim and a premium steering wheel) and other options and packages can be added depending on the type of MINI you want. But there’s less a la carte options available than before. The idea is that, if you want a more equipped MINI, you’ll go for Iconic rather than option up a Signature line.

Tier 3 – Iconic

The top tier Iconic will include all options including things like the Technology package (wide-screen Navigation etc) but not the Drive Assistance Package (which includes PDC, HUD, self parking and adaptive cruise for $1250 for an F56).

The results of this pricing change is that a fully loaded 2019 Countryman has been reduced in cost to roughly what a well equipped 2018 Countryman was. The difference with the 2019 F57 Convertible is even more stark. Loaded the 2019 MCS Convertible is now about $3000 less than it was in 2018.

Has anything been removed?

Unfortunately we have to report that MINI USA (once again) has eliminated rear fog lights from the US market. Despite it being a extremely helpful safety feature in some parts of the country, the take rate was apparently just too low justify keeping it on the books for 2019.

Also gone is the JCW exterior package. While other markets are keeping the package, MINI USA wants to increase the visual space between the Cooper S and the JCW.

Has MINI USA Reduced Choice?

In a word yes. But in reality not really. The choice previously was almost mathematically limitless. Now there are just 100 million different ways to order your new MINI. Compare that to say, a Honda Accord which has a total of 85 different ways to spec and it would seem MINI is staying true to its customization roots.

When is the Configurator Launching? will have the all new Configurator later this spring. Until then the ordering builders above will be your best way to design and build 2019 models.