With the BMW iX3 concept, we’re getting a sneak peak at the long awaited BMW 5th generation electric Architecture that we’ll see in a future electric MINI. As you can see in the video the overarching concept is one of flexibility. The system is design to work with almost any battery capacity and one or two electric engines.

This means that everything from BMWs to Rolls Royce to MINIs will see elements of this architecture used in upcoming electric models. The BMW X3, on which the concept vehicle in the video is based, is one of the first models whose architecture demonstrates this flexibility. In addition, the BMW Concept iX3 features a specially developed rear axle subframe and specific chassis integration. Expect similar modifications for the upcoming 2020 MINI Electric.

electric mini

electric mini

The All New Electric Engines

The engines themselves are all new and make use of no rare earth materials for the first time. The electric motor, transmission and power electronics are also now grouped into a single component, making it much easier to integrate them into different vehicle architectures. Plus, their modular construction enables them to be adapted to the performance levels required and the available space.

There’s modularity in battery design as well. The experience amassed by the MINI E and BMW i have been rigorously applied to enhance the performance, energy content, charging capability and durability of the battery.

Another feature of the high-voltage battery developed for the fifth generation of eDrive technology is its optimised charging capability. The energy storage system has a newly developed Charging Control Unit and is designed to be hooked up to fast-charging stations generating up to 150 kW. The high-voltage battery can be charged in just 30 minutes from one of these stations.