The “bubble GP is for sale. What its likely the only brand new 2006 JCW GP still in existence is finally up for grabs. Having lived its life under a MINI car cover and air-tight EVO Carcoon, this incredible example of the ultimate R53 being offered for sale on Bring a Trailer. Originally bought by a well known MINI enthusiast after he completed the first MTTS (in his other GP), this GP was famously trailered from a dealer and delivered to a garage where it has sat undisturbed since.


Why is this so special? The original GP is an incredible car. Limited to 2000 worldwide it was MINI’s first truly special model. But the design and production wasn’t easy. Assembled in both Oxford England and Italy (by one time BMW partner Bertone), the GP has a fascinating history that is only matched by it’s rewarding drive.

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