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What color MINI are you?

MINI owners may be the most diverse and unique group of people on planet earth. We’ve been immersed with MINI owners for over 15 years and have come to the conclusion that just as no two MINIs are the same, neither are the owners. It’s a good thing because the world can only handle one of each us. We love to see the diversity. Each personality is a unique wild card reflected onto their MINI. MINIs are a palette each MINI owner paints with his own personality. This is what makes MINI owners so much fun to be around.


MINI exterior accessories

MINI exterior accessories
A cross section of a few of the many MINI models since the rebirth of the brand in 2002.

The creative mentality and expressive nature of many MINI owners is contagious.

You’re reading this article because something sparked your interest. You’ve got ideas in your head of what you want to do to make your MINI stand out and be a reflection of your identity. You may have seen a great looking MINI on Instagram or at the Home Depot parking lot and now you’re dying to make a statement. See, it’s contagious – in a good way. This contagion is really inspiration. This article presents a organized way to implement this contagion.

Big or small, or smaller?

For many the exact MINI model they select is the first step in expressing their personality. While a Countryman may be the perfect MINI for one person the next may opt for a Convertible and the next opts for a classic Hatchback. Each model has its’ own unique features and flairs that emphasize what the owner is seeking. Or is it the other way around? One owner may be a weekend explorer and needs the extra space for camping and hiking gear (or has a few kids that require a bit more rear passenger space) in which case the Countryman is the weapon of choice. The ‘fun in the sun’ seeker may opt for the Convertible to enjoy sunny (and not so sunny) days buzzing to and from work and other ventures. Another MINI owner may want to stick with the classic MINI shape and go with the hardtop/hatchback. Once this ‘major’ hurdle of selecting the MINI that matches your personality, the next step many MINI owners take is making it their own and expressing their creativity.


The ‘’large MINI” R60 Countryman is shown on the left with the R56 Hatchback on the right. Both have distinctive benefits and are loved by their owners for different reasons.

Color….me crazy.

But wait, there is one even more critical option: color. Color, both interior and exterior, are also a extension of the MINI owners’ personality. Hyper Blue, Chili Red, Jet Black, Pepper White, Mellow Yellow or one of the other nearly 35 colors. We could dwell on this for months but in general the exterior and interior color, as well as accent colors in the seats, dash, and trim are another way MINI owners make a statement. And boy do they! In fact, MINI themselves relied on this for their marketing efforts – drawing attention to the millions of combinations available and that the chances of any 2 MINIs being identical was somewhere between slim and none. Is it possible that COLOR selection trumps the MODEL selection we just talked about? Possibly. Color combinations are one of the first expressions of the MINI owners personality, but it doesn’t stop there.


Just a few of the colors MINI models are available. Don’t let this image fool you as there’s even more over the 16 years of production since 2002.

Just a few of the colors MINI models are available. Don’t let this image fool you as there’s even more over the 16 years of production since 2002.

The real expression of personality starts to come into play with how a MINI owner takes personalization to the next level. This is where the real fun begins. It’s rare to spot a MINI in the wild that has not had some form of customization through stripes, graphics, badges, or just about any other form of graphics. MINI themselves offer various combinations and colors of hood, roof, andtrunk graphics, as well as various roof graphics. So, right out of the gate you get a high level of customization before your car leaves the dealer lot.


So, let’s talk about just a few ways that MINI owners extend their personality onto their MINI through graphics, badges,or other items such as various trim covers or stickers. 

Stripes! Stripes. Stripes!

By far the most utilized form of MINI personalization is through hood stripes. Possibly no other brand of vehicle looks as sharp with hood stripes as a MINI. Maybe Ford with the Shelby Mustang or the Dodge Viper. While MINI may not be the first to showcase stripes, they do it the best in my opinion. From the early days of racing the contrasting white roof was supposedly used so spectators could better spot the Minis as they flew through the race course. Over the years stripes were added to make the car look a bit more aggressive  –  and it works. To this day MINIs still look at home with contrasting hood stripes and roofs. Again, I can’t think of another car on the road that looks more at home with hood stripes.


When it comes to hood (or roof or boot) stripesthere’s really no correct or incorrect way because we’ve seen it all and for the most part they all look good. Whether it’s dual parallel center stripes(referred to as Viper Stripes) as they wrap around the front MINI badge and over the hood scoop (on the S models) or the offset single stripe, they offer an aesthetic touch.


The most common stripes on a MINI are thetraditional angled stripesthat run along the left and right side of the center hood bulge and grill. Over the years MINI has added some special editions with dynamic stripe designs that add a distinct signature such as the Parklane or Checkmatemodels. To each his own. Any way you look at it adding stripes can be an easy and low cost way to make a statement.


The MINI Parklane Special Edition. Lookin’ good!


… and that was just the stripes on the hood. Imagine what a MINI would do if they could put stripes or graphics on the SIDE of the car? Oh, wait. They do. And it’s even more amazing.

A snapshot of a few side graphics possible. Credits to various photographers for images sourced on Google images.

Badges….and MORE badges. Yes, we need them.

Another trend rooted in history is the attachment of various (mostly round) 3 inch badges to the front grill(or just about anywhere). MINI owners love to add badges to their MINIs. Some showcase MINI events they’ve been to, such as AMVIV (A MINI Vacation in Vegas), MOTD (MINIs On The Dragon), MOT (MINIs on Top), or one of the other grand MINI events around the country. Others have hobby related, model related (R53, R60, JCW, etc), themed, state, or just about any other thing you can think of (even if they’re not MINI related). Most magnetic badgesare put on a round grill mounted badge holders but other folks like to add them to the special brackets attached to their front or rear license plate frames. The more the merrier, and many MINI owners are VERY MERRY.

A small sample of the thousands of round magnetic grill badgesavailable. There’s even more at OutMotoring.com


The OutMotoring License Plate Mounted Double Badge Holder.
The Go Badges Grill Mounted Single Badge holder is a BIG hit with MINI owners.

Custom Roof Graphics

With the contrasting roof being such a distinctive part of MINI’s DNA it’s no wonder MINI owners like to further accent their roof with a custom graphic.We’ve seen it all. From giant Union Jack flagsto The Joker, from a zipper graphic to a domino design, from checkered flags to ice cream cones. If it can be imagined MINI owners may just have it on the roof. Call it a further extension of the artist palette that MINIs tend to be. Wanna see some ideas? Check these out:


See the smattering of roof graphics available for the MINI. Most are custom designed and printed as ordered. Work with a local Vehicle Wrap or Vinyl shop to get one custom made for you today!

But wait, there’s more – or less!

If you’re undecided or prefer a little more discrete customization check out these cool options such as Boot Handle Covers, side Mirror Covers, model designation badgesand other cool stuff.


A cross section of a few other accents for interior and exterior. Boot Lid Handle Covers, Side Mirror Covers, Interior Latch Covers, Gas Lid Covers and Wings Accent Door Lock Trim.

Have we inspired you?

If you’re just starting your journey ofcustomizing your MINI you’ve got lots of fun ahead. There’s just so many options when you consider the combinations of stripes, roof graphics, side graphics, badges, accents, and anything else you can imagine to make your MINI stand out even more. There’s no right or wrong answer. In fact a trip to one of the larger MINI owners events or your local MINI owners club events will likely give you more than enough ideas to run with. It’s your car, do with it what you want. Be expressive. Be unique. Show your personality through your MINI; whether that means having a fully decked out replica of a MINI Challenge Car with all of the race graphics, a set of classy hood stripes, or a mega roof graphic of the characters from the Hobbit, a clown face (the creepy or funny type?), or anything else you can think of. Any way you express your personality through your MINI is a good thing.

When you need some inspiration drop by our site and take a look. We promise you’ll find something you like and NEED.


Best Regards,
Aaron Cornaby

Head Motorer – OutMotoring.com