For almost four years we’ve been telling you about the (almost mythical) 300 HP MINI Countryman and Clubman. We’ve confirmed them through multiple sources and seen evidence of them being tested. And now that we’ve confirmed more details we have some good news and bad news.

First the good news. Yes MINI is indeed getting the 300 HP (code name B48A20T1) in both a JCW version of the Coubtryman and Clubman. Both models will be released as 2020 models sometime in 2019. Pricing (and even naming) is still TBD but it looks like they’re only around a year away.

Now the bad news: both models will be automatic only. Due to automatic take rates in the BMWs that the 300 hp version of the B48 will be offered in, MINI lost the battle to offer a manual transmission as an option. This will mark the first time a non electrified MINI has been offered without a manual.

As you’d expect MINI will offer All4 as standard and we expect 0-60 times conservatively in the low 5 second range given that traction and the increased power.

300 HP MINI Countryman
300 HP MINI Countryman

It’s interesting to think back at what our sources told us in 2014 and how it’s essentislly all coming to fruition five years later. That gives you a clear look at product planning and the development timeline BMW uses on its cars.

The smaller JCWs will not be getting the 300 version of the B48 but there is a TU (BMW speak for revision) coming for that tune. The bad news is that the power output is set to remain the same as BMW will be focusing on things like thermal efficiency and CO2 output.