Following up on our report on the 300 hp MINI JCW Countryman and Clubman, we now have some timing on its 2019 launch. Luckily we won’t have long to wait as our sources are pointing to a mid-2019 launch for both cars. We expect production to begin in July and the cars to hit US showrooms sometime in August.

300 hp MINI
300 hp MINI

300 hp MINI JCW Countryman and Clubman – Pricing and Availability

While we don’t pricing figures from our sources yet, we have some ideas. The current pricing for the MINI JCW Countryman is $37,900. Where do we expect this much faster version to fall? Clues can be found on the BMW side. The new X2 M35i with this same engine is priced at $46,450. That’s up $8,050 over the X2 28i (which happens to have the current JCW engine in it) by 17%. But we can’t just add 17% the case of the JCW and call it a day. The comparison doesn’t work so easily as the JCWs already have some of the components the X2 M35i (larger brakes and sport seats for example). Therefore we’d expect less of an increase and something closer to a $43k MSRP with well equipped models going over $50k.

$50k for a MINI? Obviously this won’t be just any MINI. With BMW levels of quality and refinement (remember the Countryman is ranked as the highest premium small crossover by Consumer Reports in quality) this is already a car that can go toe to toe with any other small crossover in the marketplace. Add a dramatic increase in performance and you could have a pretty compelling.

And that’s not to even speak of the Clubman which will be priced lower and have even higher levels of performance due to less weight.