The 2020 MINI Countryman Hybrid is set to get a major upgrade for the 2019 model year fixing its most glaring issue.

When we tested the MINI Countryman Hybrid earlier this year we came away impressed with how seamless its complex drivetrain felt in daily use. But it’s range of 14 miles (as tested) left us wondering just how useful the addition of 700 lbs was in the name of efficiency.

2020 MINI Countryman Hybrid
 2020 MINI Countryman Hybrid

MINI is set to upgrade the range of the MINI Countryman Hybrid for the 2020 model year with production beginning in July 2019. Sources indicate that BMW will be giving the Countryman PHEV a increase in battery size from 7.6 kWh to 10.7 kWh. Officially we expect the electric only range to go from 16 miles to over 20 miles on a full charge.

Of course full electric use isn’t the Countryman Hybrid’s reason to be. That extra battery capacity will go along way in helping to give the car optimal performance for longer. In our experience the Countryman Hybrid constantly (and carefully) managed power output to always try and give you precisely what you need and nothing you don’t. The goal is always to preserve the range of the electric powertrain. That extra capacity will definitely help.

There are three modes specific to the hybrid;

– Max Power – all engines at 100%
– Normal – both engines in use with the computer determining how to apply power from where
– Max eDrive – 100% rear wheel drive electric

That extra range will help in not just eDrive but in every mode with more range and more juice to support the normal driving experience for the hybrid.

Look for MINI to officially announce the upgrade this next spring with prices to follow.