Thanks to sources from both sides of the Atlantic, our crystal ball predictions are pretty clear for MINI in 2019. Over the next year we’ll see a lot of revisions and additions to the line-up including more power, more electrification, our first look at the all new GP and some other surprises. Read on for the full list of what 2019 should bring.

300 hp JCW countryman and clubman
300 hp JCW countryman and clubman

MINI 2019 – The 302 HP MINI JCW Countryman and Clubman

MINI will be revising the JCW Countryman and Clubman in 2019 in a major way by adding 74 hp. The extra power will come from the B48A20T1 2.0L which generates 302 hp @ 5,000 – 6,250 rpm in the new X2 M35i. However more impressive is its torque – 332 lb-ft. @ 1,750 – 4,500 rpm. The combination of those figures with improved xDrive/All4 and the Aisin 8G45 8 speed automatic will move the X2 M35i to 60 mph in 4.9 seconds. Compare that to the 6.3 seconds it takes the X2 30i (using the current 228 hp JCW engine) and you have an idea of what the JCW Countryman will do with the same power. With the current JCW hitting 60 mph in 6.2 sec it’s safe to expect we will see a 0-60 mph time at or below 4.9 seconds.

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MINI 2019

MINI 2019 – The All Electric MINI Cooper E

Using the i3’s drivetrain, BMW has fast-tracked development of the electric MINI to save on costs and get it to the market quickly. The all electric MINI will be a four seater and will be based on the F56. According to sources who have driven prototypes, the immediacy of the torque suits the car extremely well and makes the Cooper E feel incredibly eager. What that range will be is unknown but the current 120 a-h version of th BMW i3 is conservatively rated at 153 miles. Could MINI slot that many batteries in the F56 chassis? And even if it does could the heavier steel chassis of the MINI get near what the carbon fiber i3 gets in terms of range?

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MINI 2019

MINI 2019 – The Revised MINI Countryman Hybrid

MINI is set to upgrade the range of the MINI Countryman Hybrid for the 2020 model year with production beginning in July 2019. Sources indicate that BMW will be giving the Countryman PHEV a increase in battery size from 7.6 kWh to 10.7 kWh. Officially we expect the electric only range to go from 16 miles to over 20 miles on a full charge.

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MINI 2019

MINI 2019 – The MINI Clubman LCI

Another light LCI, this time for the Clubman. The changes will be focused on exterior lights with the Clubman getting the new 360 ring daytime running lights and the rear Union Jack treatment the smaller MINIs got earlier this year. We expect MINI to add some subtle interior trim options along with at least one new color to the range.

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MINI 2019 – The 280 HP MINI JCW GP

Last but certinatly not least MINI will be unveiling the all new JCW GP late next year. Going on sales in early 2020, the GP will pack around 280 hp and almost 300 ft lbs of torque exclusively operated by an automatic transmission. Shod with aggressive styling (and yes, a huge wing) this new GP will be the fastest, most aggressive MINI ever to come from the factory.

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