Yesterday MINI confirmed rumors that it would be making a GP for 2020 with 300 hp. Indirectly they also confirmed a few styling elements like that giant wing, open four-spoke wheels and raw carbon fiber wheel arches. Today we’re seeing a bit more thanks to spy photos on Motor1. Despite heavy camouflage you can clear make out concept’s radical boxed fender design on the production car. Yes folks, the 2020 GP will have those gorgeous boxed fenders that seemed totally insane and (to us) out of the realm of possibility for production.

For the past year we’ve quietly heard from sources that this was going to be a very special car. Now it’s becoming clear just how special. Not only will it be in another league than any GP before it with 300 hp, it will also look radically different than any other MINI.

Given a production limit only 3,000 worldwide, we’d urge you to contact your MINI dealer soon.

Jcw GP
Jcw GP

You can read all the details (and a few that MINI hasn’t shared yet) in our full report on the GP from yesterday.

300 hp JCW GP
An official sneak peek of the final production 2020 JCW GP